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Our Wines

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Chardonel A hybrid of Chardonnay and Seval Blanc with a smoothness like no-other that has accents of vanilla with a citrus finish.
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Lincoln's Noose is a fresh, floral yet fruity aroma mixed with hints of citrus and spices. This wine offers a unique yet perfect balance with a clean finish.
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1812 is a smooth, semi-sweet white wine with traces of vanilla that is bound to please any wine drinker.
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Vishnu Springs Vignoles is a fruity white wine variation that offers tropical and pineapple accents. This is a crisp citrus wine that will always please the masses.
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Black Hawk is our unique wine with a fruity and spicy taste. The sweetness creates just the right amount of balance between the fruit and the spice.
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Horse Lick is a sweet and beautifully colored wine that offers a luscious Concord taste with subtle hints of cherry upon finish.
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Hog Wash is one of our sweet, fruity wines that's made from the Niagara grape. This wine has a fruity and floral bouquet twist with a hint of pear that makes for a smooth finish.
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Poppin' Cherry is our delicious Cherry wine that's full of flavor and is sure to "Pop" right in your mouth.
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Bare it all Blackberry is our sweet candied blackberry wine that will literally go down like liquid candy.
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Chocolate Strawberry is our perfect little treat! This is a sweet and fruity red wine with a little twist. Take a touch of natural chocolate with starwberry flavors and you'll have this perfect dessert wine.
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Season's Drinkings is a light and fruity wine that we make from our Catawba grapes grown right here on site. With a touch of cinnamon this is truly the perfect wine for the holidays.
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Bear Creek Blush is here in time for Summer! It's our newest Blush that every wine drinker has to try.
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Feelin' Peachy is our newest wine we're introducing this summer! It's a must try for every peach lover
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Norton is our Dry Red wine that has been aged in 100% American Oak Barrels. The oak flavor is apparent in this wine but there are additional subtle splashes of plum and vanilla.

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Purchase Locations

Our Wines can be found in several retail outlets, listed below are some locations we proudly distribute to.

Abingdon: Ma & Pa Liquors Auburn: Sugar Creek Augusta: Rhodes Market Beardstown: River Towne Blandinsville: Minute Stop Burlington: Hy-Vee Camp Point: Korner Kwik Stop Carthage: Lake Hill Winery, Ayerco, Casey's, County Market Dallas City: Casey's Fort Madison: Hy-Vee Galesburg: Vintages Tasting Room, Hy-Vee (2) Hamilton: Pat's Pit Stop Jacksonville: Top Shelf Liquors Keokuk: Hy-Vee, Keokuk Spirits La Harpe: R & D Foods, Casey's Macomb: Hy-Vee, County Market, The Wine Sellers, Jackson St. Market, Liquor & Tobacco Point, West Pierce Liquors Monmouth: County Market, Market Alley Wines Mt. Sterling: IGA Oquawka: Fisher's Food Center Quincy: County Market (2), Hy-Vee (3), Harvest Market, Wine On Broadway Rushville: County Market Springfield: Party House, Schnuck's Stronghurst: Fisher's Food Center Taylorville: First Class Liquors Tennessee: Tennessee Tap Versailles: Fast Stop Warsaw: Casey's

For any questions regarding available wines in your surrounding area please call your local retailer for details.

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“We are so excited to introduce our new wine Feelin' Peachy!

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“This month's wine is Bear Creek Blush!”

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“If you haven't tried this amazing mead yet get out here now and try this delicious drink!"